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Supporting the Orthopaedic Specialty Trainees of Today, For the Patients of Tomorrow

BOTA is an independent professional body promoting surgical excellence in trauma & orthopaedic surgical training within the United Kingdom. Founded in 1978 it is an organisation run by trainees, for trainees, for the benefit of patients.

BOTA Leadership Course 2016 - Report

Each year, our Linkmen work tirelessly to act as the first point of contact for BOTA members across ...
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How NOT To Fail The FRCS Course Report

BOTA’s inaugural “How NOT to fail the FRCS (Tr&Orth) Course - A course about examination tec...
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Junior Doctor Industrial Action: What's it all about

Tomorrow our profession will take part in landmark industrial action against the imposition of a con...
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Lost Tribe Audit - Starting Next Monday 18th!

Due to the upcoming strikes we have had to bring forward the ...
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Winter SCOT Meeting Report

The Winter SCOT, one of the largest Scottish national orthopaedic meetings was held once again at th...
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BOA EdComm Report - January 2016

This month’s EdComm meeting was opened by Zaamin Hussain, a medical student from Cambridge Univers...
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Saturday is a line in the sand

Many of you will be aware that the talks between the BMA, ACAS and the department of health lead by ...
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What are the major sticking points?

I have now had an opportunity to scrutinise the letter from Sir David Dalton to the Health Secretary...
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BOA Patient Liason Group Meeting [05/02/16]

The Patient Liason Group of the BOA was set up in 2004 to involve patient representatives and advoca...
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Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow January Meeting

Emphasis was made regarding the overwhelming support to our English colleagues during the recent doc...
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Position Statement: Response to imposition of Junior Doctors' Contract

On February 11th 2016, the Secretary of State for Health Mr Jeremy Hunt announced in the House of Co...
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Letter to David Cameron Condemning Decision to Impose Junior Doctor Contract

BOTA President, Mustafa Rashid, was involved in the composition of the following letter sent to Dav...
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BMA Multi-Specialty Working Group Update - 25/02/2016

  As you are no doubt aware the Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt announced to parliament that ...
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BMA Update on Shape of Training - 25/02/2016

Whilst the junior doctor contact imposition continues to grab headlines the progression of the shape...
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Response from David Cameron on Imposition of Junior Doctor Contract

Following the letter sent to Number 10 Downing Street from the The Academy of Medical Royal Col... Read more

BOA Training Standards Committee Meeting – March 2016

March saw the return of TSC, with potential curriculum changes high on the agenda, particularly the ... Read more

Update on Consultant Contract Negotiations

Today I have attended the BMA’s consultant contract road show in Liverpool for an update from the ... Read more

Trainee Fees. Are they going up?

BOTA President Mustafa Rashid contacted the Joint Surgical Colleges in January regarding trainee fee... Read more

Escalation of Industrial Action

As many of you will be aware BOTA ran a consultation with the regional linkmen to get a view on esca... Read more

Junior Doctor Contracts - Johann's Summary of Events

Over the last few months we have all become more active on social media. I have spent much of the la... Read more

Junior doctor contract imposition is flawed on every level

The government is currently in the process of unilaterally imposing a contract on the junior doctors... Read more

ISCP Meeting - 31st March 2016

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows ... Read more

Core Surgical Training Committee Meeting

It was confirmed that the new CST curriculum will not be implemented this August, but will instead b... Read more

Position Statement: Equality Analysis of the New Junior Doctor’s Contract

Reading the details of the Equality Analysis for the new junior d...
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Junior Doctor's Contract Summary

On the 31st of March 2016 the Department of Health/NHS Employers released the full terms and conditi... Read more

JCST Meeting - 14th April 2016

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows ... Read more

TOTY 2016 - Top 3 Trainers Announced

After weeks of the BOTA Link-men and women canvasing option from their regions across the UK, we hav... Read more

T&O National Recruitment - London NTNs Update

I am sure many of you have seen the “Trauma & Orthopaedics ST3 National Recruitment 2016 Prefe... Read more

BOA Council Meeting

This was my last BOA Council meeting as BOTA President and it continued to feel as if this committee... Read more

AoMRC - Welfare Letter to Trainee Doctors

  Dear colleagues, We understand the considerable pressure junior doctors are under at the ... Read more


I attended the annual BOA/SAC/TPD forum this year and was involved in the programme. The meeting was... Read more

Meeting with Health Education England and London LETB regarding decision for zero NTNs in T&O for October 2016

I was granted a meeting with Prof. Liz Hughes, Director and Dean of Education and Quality at HEE (Lo... Read more

BOA Professional Practice Committee Meeting

The PPC met this month with a number of high profile points for discussion.  The first was the Befo... Read more

The BONE / BOTA Lost Tribe National Project Update

Earlier this year, we ran a national project that 220 of you collaborated in. We submitted an abstra... Read more

JCST Meeting - 19th May 2016

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows ... Read more

ACAS settlement in Junior Doctor Dispute Report

With news today that the BMA and Department of Health have reached agreement on a new Junior Doctor ... Read more

BMA Specialty Update - 23/05/16

Today I attended the BMA Multi-Specialty Working Group meeting chaired my Dr. Johann Malawana chair ... Read more

The NEW BOTA App (for iOS and Android)

We have developed a new App for iOS and Android containing all things BOTA. It will specifically ... Read more

How do I get involved on the BOTA Committee?

The British Orthopaedic Trainees Association (BOTA) Committee is ...
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BOTA / BONE - Paediatric Orthopaedic Trauma Snapshot [POTS]

With the roaring success of the BONE / BOTA Lost Tribe audit project (221 collaborators in 101 hospi... Read more

The BOTA Census 2016

Are you happy with your training? Would would you change to make your training experience better? Ar... Read more

ASIT/BOTA Statement on Junior Doctor Referendum Results

In light of the result of the referendum regarding the Junior Doctor Contract, The Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) and the British Orthopaedic Trainees’ Association (BOTA) would like to thank the BMA Junior Doctors’ Committee (JDC) for their exceptional... Read more

Volunteer for World Orthopaedic Concern this September!

Dear trainees, our friends at World Orthopaedic Concern have an exciting volunteering opportunity this September... Read more

Join Zinc

Zinc was founded by a junior doctor and computer scientist that share a mutual belief that technology can enable audit, service improvement, and medical research for the betterment of patient care. Read more to find out. Read more

POTS Certificates for contributors

A big thank you to all contributors to the POTS study! Please collect your certificate here!! Read more

BOA Professional Practice Committee Meeting

As the new Publicity Rep for BOTA I attended the Professional Practice Committee at the BOA in August.  This committee aims to guide and shape our profession as orthopaedic surgeons. Read more

ASIT/BOTA Statement regarding decision for further industrial action

The British Orthopaedic Trainees’ Association (BOTA) and The Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) committees regret that the BMA is in a position where further industrial action has been deemed necessary. We would like to reiterate our support for all our members and junior doctors at this time – we remain united. Read more

Frontline-led Quality Improvement Organisation Networking Event

BOTA/BONE were invited to attend this inaugural event held at the Health Foundation, to meet the leaders of other quality-improvement (QI) initiatives. Read more

Time Does Not Equal Training - A response to the proposed plan for a 70-hour working week for London surgical trainees

Read BOTA's position on the proposed plan for a 70-hour working week for London surgical trainees. Read more

1st Scottish Trauma and Orthopaedics Trainee Symposium (STOTS)

The 1st September 2016 saw the introduction of the Scottish Trauma and Orthopaedic Trainees Symposium (STOTS), a national day of orthopaedic registrar teaching which took place at the Dunblane Hydro. Read more

Report on SAC Meeting, September 2016

As SAC representative, I attended the quarterly SAC meeting on behalf of BOTA.  The SAC is the committee that decides on the requirements for us to CCT in Trauma and Orthopaedics.  There were a number of issues discussed and I would like to flag up the following areas that I feel are important to the membership. Read more

Update on waypoint assessments for ST4 and ST6 trainees

Reminder to ST4 and ST6 trainees: The ST4 and ST6 waypoint checklists are available on the JCST website at http://www.jcst.org/quality-assurance/certification-guidelines Read more

BOTA Census 2016 - Winner Announced!

Many thanks to all of you who filled out the BOTA Census 2016, the results are being analysed and will be prepared for presentation and publication. Congratulations to Lara Thompson winner of the Census prize draw who is the lucky recipient of £1849 to pay for her FRCS, not a bad rate of return for filling out a google form! Read more

RCPSG Trainees Committee Meeting

This was the first RCPSG Trainees Committee meeting chaired by the 2016-18 executive committee.  The majority of the meeting was spent on discussing plans to expand the RCPSG education event portfolio.  The RCPSG now hosts an annual orthopaedic symposium and a core orthopaedic practical skills course. Read more

BMA Medical Subspecialty and Junior Doctor Committee meetings September 2016

So, having not been able to attend any of the previous BMA meetings I have had 2 in a week. MSWG took place on Monday. This is the medical subspecialties working group and brings together representatives of the various trainee organisations. The forum is designed to allow us to raise concerns and give input into the BMA JDC. Normally this meeting would be chaired by the JDC educational deputy chair but with everything going on we were blessed with the presence of Dr Ellen McCourt. Unsurprisingly the meeting centred around discussion of the new junior doctors contract and the proposed industrial action. Ellen was keen to hear from the various organisations present about what their trainees felt regarding the IA and what sort of numbers we were expecting to go on strike. The vast majority felt that their members had lost enthusiasm for IA in the wake of the BMA referendum and the lack of subsequent communication from the JDC. Both myself and the representative from ASiT expressed our concerns at the effect the new contract may have on ‘craft’ specialties. However, having spoken to the committee and BOTA members at the BOA last week I was forced to agree with the other representatives that our membership did not have the hunger for a 5 day strike. Ellen seemed unsurprised to hear this but was thankful for our comments. After this discussion I raised the results of the recent BOTA census focussing on the statistics around bullying and harassment. Embarrassingly, for us as a specialty, none of the other representatives were particularly surprised by the numbers. However, a number of them did comment that they did not think it was isolated to orthopaedics and we had a lively discussion about bullying in the workplace. I am hopeful that with some persistence over the next few months we may be able to get the BMA to join with the BOA in their recent commitment to helping tackle this issue. Saturday September 24th, the day of the JDC committee meeting. The vast majority of you will already know the main outcome from this meeting and will no doubt have an opinion. Let me add a little context. Unsurprisingly the committee meeting was well attended with the majority of the 13 national regions represented by 3 or more members. Unusually, approximately 50% of these committee members are new representing the recent upsurge in BMA membership and activity. Following the tedium of committee procedures (approving minutes took 45 minutes) we moved on to the elections for committee positions. Dr Ellen McCourt was running against Dr Nadia Masood and Dr Ben White. The election process is very simple with each candidate being given 4 minutes to speak and then 6 minutes of questions. Ellen went first and spoke very frankly about ‘that radio 4 interview’ and the need to improve the BMAs communication with its membership. She went on to talk about what she hopes to achieve as JDC chair and how she already knows the intricacies of the new contract and state of negotiations. She was largely questioned about her media strategy and gave very sensible answers. Nadia and Ben then took the stage. For those that aren't aware, these are two of the doctors involved in the Justice For Health campaign that has been so successful in raising funds to fight a legal battle against the new contract. They have led an excellent media campaign and spoke heavily about this. Unfortunately, it became very apparent that they do not have the experience within the BMA or in the DOH meetings that this position requires. Their answers to questions felt superficial and lacked the grounding of Ellen’s. The vote fell in favour of Ellen who received a standing ovation from the committee members. The deputy chair elections provided quite a bit of entertainment and concern from a neutral observers point of view. When a candidate openly admitted to finding out who liked whom and what she needed to say to specific people to secure her nomination the committee could not believe what they were hearing. It was hugely disappointing to find that people feel these machinations are necessary and worrying that in a group of people all aimed at the same thing that they are possible. Thankfully the position went to someone else. I would like to say congratulations to Dr Pete Campbell (deputy chair professional issues), Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya (deputy chair training and education) and Dr Will Sapwell (deputy chair terms, conditions and negotiating) on their election. Following the election of the committee the decision was made to make the session ‘in camera’. As an invited observer this meant I was kicked out and had to receive the news about IA like everyone else through social media and the internet. Like many of you, i was disappointed in how the news was released and think it highlights the work the JDC have to do on their media strategy. Like many of you i have looked at the Junior Doctor Contract Forum on Facebook and witnessed the impassioned posts that many feel the need to make. I encourage our membership to hold faith with the BMA. The members of the JDC were all switched on and seemed dedicated to working in the best interests of their members. Whilst many think the decision to completely cancel the IA is a political blunder I think the decision was made with good intent and I am reassured that the committee will continue to work for its members going forward. Patrick Williams BOTA BMA representative @BOTA_BMA @paddymedic86 Read more

BSSH and the Hand Surgery ELPRAS Modules

The British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) are currently formulating a web based modular educational programme for hand surgery as part of eLPRAS. We are asking for interested trainees to help with writing these modules. This provides a personal education in writing a short review article and will enhance your knowledge hand surgery. This is recognised as an e-publication and will contribute to points accrued for national interviews and ARCPs. If you have not completed FRCSPlast or FRCSOrth, you will need to find a local supporting consultant supervisor who is a member of the BSSH or approved by the BSSH. Your supervisor will edit your article before submission to the BSSH and will bear senior responsibility for it. The completion date for submission is 1st February 2017. For information on the modules available please contact [email protected] with your details, speciality (Plastics or Orthopaedics) and those of your consultant supervisor. You will be contacted regarding module allocation and provided with a template to construct your topic. Kind regards Dean Boyce, FRCS(Plast) BSSH Council Member and Lead on Hand Surgery ELPRAS Modules Read more

BOA Council Meeting - Report from June 2016

The President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics included national selection, UKITE and the role of PAs Read more

BOA Council Meeting - Report from September 2016

The President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics included UKITE, FORTE Summer School, BOA Instructional, Women in Surgery and BOTA Census Read more

ISCP Meeting - September 2016

Enhanced Visual Representation A new, much more functional demo was shown of the possibility of using a new way to demonstrate how a trainee is progressing with their WBAs. Initially there was a concern that it failed the “so what” test but actually, as demonstrated here, if one area has lots of yellow or grey, one “ring” after another, then it can highlight an area for development. It is felt this will actually be especially useful when looking at MSFs WBAs There was an interesting talk delivered on the potential need to develop a new WBA to assess competency more effectively, especially with the coming EPAs (Entrustable Professional Activities). This work will start soon, but BOTA made it clear that the goal should be to create something novel, quick to complete and trainee/trainer friendly, to avoid creating another “tick box” assessment tool that added nothing and took ages! Read more

JCST Meeting - October 2016

This month has seen meetings of both the JCST and JCST Quality Assurance groups. Below are a series of bullet points covering the main points discussed regarding training in T&O Read more

RCS Senior Clinical Fellowship Scheme

The President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topic included RCS Work Package 4: Improving Surgical Training Group. The majority of this meeting was based in and around the rebranding, redeveloping and general application process for the RCS Senior Clinical Fellowships. Read more

JCIE Meeting - October 2016

I attended the Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations (JCIE) meeting at RCSEd on behalf of BOTA. JCIE is the committee that oversees the Intercollegiate Exam Boards for all surgical specialities across all four colleges. This meeting contained representatives from the exam boards of all of the surgical specialities. There were a few matters that I would like to bring to the attention of the membership. Read more

BOTA Medical Student Bursary

CALLING ALL MEDICAL STUDENTS: Apply now for the opportunity to be awarded £500 towards your elective! Deadline to apply 31st January 2017. Read more

The Royal Society of Medicine: Orthopaedic Council Section Meeting

I attended the above meeting on behalf of BOTA. The pertinent points relevant for Orthopaedic trainees are to highlight the Christmas lecture and President’s prize papers (December), the Sports Injuries conference (January) and Trauma symposium (February).
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On the 18th November 2016, I attended the Royal College of Surgeons Intercollegiate Committee for Basic Surgical Examinations (ICBSE) Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Committee meeting. This was an insightful meeting where its members worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the MRCS examination is run fairly and equally regardless of college or country. Read more

Report from JCIE Part 1 Standard Setting Meeting

I was invited to attend the Standard setting meeting for the FRCS Part 1 that candidates sat at the beginning of November. This was an interesting meeting to attend as I could see the process of how the examiners ensure that the exam is fair and set the pass mark. I was also given the opportunity to participate in the Angoff method, although my scores were not included in those that set the pass mark (which is a good thing, as I discovered that I am towards the harsher end of the scale). Read more

Core Surgical Training Advisory Committee (CSTAC)

I had the privilege of attending this meeting as my first as BOTA junior representative. It was firstly announced the committee would now take the new form of the Core Surgical Training Advisory Committee (CSTAC). Read more