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Return to Work

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A few things to think about when returning to work:


  • Place- discuss where this will be with your Training Programme Director (TPD), often it’s easiest to return to where you were before maternity leave so you’re already familiar with the system. Give managers and rota coordinators at least 28 days notice before but most likely your TPD will have informed Health Education England (HEE) and the hospital much earlier

  • Keeping In Touch (KIT) days- you can take up to 10 of these during maternity leave. Your role on those days and the amount of pay you receive should be determined before you begin maternity leave

  • Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training- you’ll need to complete the application on the HEE website at least 16 weeks before. If you’re on maternity leave already, this form is simple and you don’t need any supporting evidence

  • SuppoRRT- offers a period of enhanced supervision and funding for courses that can help ease you back in

  • Childcare- whether you decide to get help from family, a nanny or nursery, don’t forget to look into the financial support available. You can check your eligibility on

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