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Culture & Diversity

'We can change culture if we can change behaviour' #hammeritout

BOTA Culture and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Values Statement.jpg

BOTA Culture and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Values Statement


At BOTA, we commit to cultivating and promoting a culture of respect and inclusion within our organisation and trauma and orthopaedics (T&O).


We strive to nurture a culture where diversity is celebrated, and each individual feels valued, supported and safe to be their authentic selves.


We pledge to create fair and equitable access to opportunities for development and training within T&O.



We are committed to building a diverse community in T&O that reflects the patients and society we care for.


BOTA strives to increase the representation of all identities of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and socio-economic status, in orthopaedics and surgery.


BOTA recognizes that each person brings their own unique experiences and backgrounds. We value and respect each individual’s voice, and vow to give individuals equal opportunities to be heard. We understand that through the engagement of different perspectives, we are stronger, more innovative and more understanding.



BOTA recognizes that barriers and advantages exist for different people, leading to inequitable access to opportunities. We strive to continuously improve our understanding of differences in circumstances that contribute to unequal access to a career in surgery. With a better understanding of the inequities that exist, we are therefore more informed when making decisions and taking actions to mitigate possible limitations and ensure a level and fair playing field.




BOTA promotes an inclusive culture in surgery where each individual feels welcomed, respected, valued and able to reach their full potential. BOTA actively invites the contribution of individuals from all backgrounds to our organisation. We commit to creating a sense of belonging, where individuals are valued not despite their diversity and not solely because of it either.




At BOTA we commit to creating a welcoming and inclusive culture in our organisation and orthopaedics. We strive to build an environment of respect and safety, where individuals feel secure in their identity and can be their authentic selves.


We celebrate and empower the diverse voices of orthopaedic trainees, as we understand that diverse thinking leads to new innovation and a better understanding of the communities that we serve.


We at BOTA pledge to consider respect, equity and inclusion in every aspect of our work, building an organisation and specialty that attracts and retains talent from all walks of life.

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