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Sustainable Orthopaedic Systems

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Sustainable Orthopaedic Systems


Would you like to put an end to all the waste you experience daily : the waste of your time, the financial waste of ineffective processes and of course the unsustainable waste of materials?


By investing 10 minutes of your valuable time to complete the Sustainable Orthopaedic Systems questionnaire below, we will begin the journey of capturing your views and valuable experience.  We will use the information you give us to create reports that will be relevant to our practice and which can be used to inform and influence better decision making and deliver sustainable solutions .


The BOA and BOTA have partnered with who will keep all information provided totally confidential.  Malue will aggregate the data collected into dynamic reports that will be shared with our membership and then presented to inform decision makers on how to save time, money, and the environment.  As the information and your details will be held securely by Malue as an external agent - to complete the survey you will be asked to log in via email/GMC number and to create a password. The BOA will not have have access to your individual responses.. 


Our goal is to put a dynamic and sustainable mechanism in place to ensure all our members and colleagues are heard and your wisdom is captured: we need to hear your voice. .

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With thanks from

Deborah Eastwood 

Lucky Jeyaseelan 

Francesca Solari

Juliet Clutton 


On behalf of the BOA and BOTA 

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