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Recruit to Trials

Check out what trials are recruiting at your hospital and then click the links below to find out more and get stuck in!

Associate PI Scheme 

JOINTCASE - National Ultra Clean Air Audit

National theatre clean air service evaluation

NJR Shoulder Data Quality Audit

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A multicentre randomised controlled trial assessing the mortality, quality of life, and cost effectiveness of operative rib fixation plus supportive management versus supportive management alone for patients with multiple rib fractures requiring ventilator support.

Paediatric ACL Audit

Paediatric ACL National Audit


SABRE-IBD (Exploring the SAfety of perioperative Biologics for patients undeRgoing Elective surgery with Inflammatory Bowel Disease) is a multicentre, multispecialty, pan-UK project aiming to understand whether the use of biologics in the perioperative period affects rates of post- operative complications or IBD flares.

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