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Check out what trials are recruiting at your hospital and then click the links below to find out more and get stuck in!

Associate PI Scheme 

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Children’s Radius Acute Fracture Fixation Trial


DENS Trial: Duration of External Neck Stabilisation following odontoid fracture in older or frail adults: a randomised controlled trial of collar versus no collar


Fracture Ankle Management Evaluation


The HUmeral SHaft fracture trial

Hand-2: RCT of treatments for Dupuytren’s contractures

Hand-2: Needle fasciotomy versus limited fasciectomy for the treatment of Dupuytren’s contractures of the fingers: a randomised, multi-centre non-inferiority trial


Knee ARthroplasty versus joint Distraction Study


A randomised controlled trial assessing if microsurgical nerve repair offers clinical benefit and cost effectiveness (in terms of patient–reported hand function, sensory recovery and adverse events) over exploration and washout without microsurgical nerve repair in adult patients with recent traumatic digital nerve injury.


A multicentre randomised controlled trial assessing the mortality, quality of life, and cost effectiveness of operative rib fixation plus supportive management versus supportive management alone for patients with multiple rib fractures requiring ventilator support.


POINT - A multi-centre randomised trial of surgery versus non-surgical splint treatment for proximal phalanx shaft finger fractures in adults.


Predictors of Outcome in Sciatica patients following an Epidural steroid injection: A prospective cohort study


The clinical and cost effectiveness of surgical repair of partial rotator cuff tears in patients with subacromial shoulder pain: A comparison of surgical repair versus surgery with no repair.


A three-arm randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of reverse shoulder arthroplasty versus hemiarthroplasty versus non-surgical care for acute three and four- part fractures of the proximal humerus in patients over 65 years of age – Proximal Fracture Of the Humerus: Evaluation by Randomisation trial No.2 (PROFHER-2).


Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Post Patellar Dislocation: Supervised versus self-managed rehabilitation for people after acute patellar dislocation: a multicentre external pilot randomised controlled trial and qualitative study


Robotic Arthroplasty: a Clinical and cost Effectiveness Randomised controlled trial (RACER)


Robotic Arthroplasty: a Clinical and cost Effectiveness Randomised controlled trial for Hips


Surgery or Casts for Injuries of the EpicoNdyle in Children’s Elbows


A Randomised Controlled Trial of Scaffold InSertion and MIcrofracture Compared to Microfracture Alone for the Treatment of Chondral or Osteochondral Defects of the Knee: The SISMIC Study


Suture fixation versus tension band wiring for simple olecranon fracture fixation: a multi-centre randomised controlled trial (Simple Olecranon Fracture Fixation Trial – SOFFT)


Weight Bearing In Ankle Fractures


WHiTE 9: World Hip Trauma Evaluation 9; Blood Cell Salvage Trial A multi-centre randomised controlled trial comparing intra operative cell salvage with standard care in the treatment of hip fractures


World Hip Trauma Evaluation Appendix 10 – LIT: Lidocaine Intravenous Trial


World Hip Trauma Evaluation – FRUITI: Fix or Replace Undisplaced Intracapsular fractures Trial of Interventions

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