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You can join BOTA by either joining the BOA where BOTA membership is included or by just joining BOTA as a standalone organisation.

Core Surgical Trainees, Foundation Trainees, and Trainees without a National Training Number (LAT) can apply for BOTA Junior Membership for £30/year.

All NTN trainees become full BOTA members for £50/year.

How to Join

  1. Please complete and sign the standing order form (without NTN) or standing order form (with NTN) and 

  2. Send the completed form along with your Complete registration form and submit

Any membership inquiries please contact Natasha Wainwright at the BOA –

BOTA Membership Benefits

Run as committee or a regional rep

50% off OrthOracle membership just quote 'BOTA' 

Discounted prices off courses 

Annual BOTA congress - attendance at surgical conference (counting towards CST application), awards to be won, pre-conference courses, networking and more


Yearly student elective bursaries

Medical student essay prizes. Junior essay prizes


Fellowship awards


Online resources


Members get copy of JOINT, the annual BOTA yearbook

For membership queries please contact

BOTA Member Application

Upload either an image or pdf depending on how you have captured your standing order information. 

Upload Standing Order Image
Upload Your Standing Order Pdf

Thanks for submitting!

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