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23rd Oswestry Foot & Ankle Course

Laura Haythorn

Monday, 2 December 2024


Wednesday, 4 December 2024

23rd Oswestry Foot & Ankle Course


ST3-8 Trainees, SAS Doctors and newly-appointed Consultants




The Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry

Delivered by the Oswestry Foot & Ankle Group this long-running course is aimed at ST3-8 Trainees, SAS Doctors (Specialty and Associate Specialty Doctors) and newly-appointed Consultants. The 3-day course covers most of the core curriculum for the foot and ankle. Lectures aim to provide delegates with a core understanding of the management of common foot and ankle problems and topics include biomechanics and gait, the evaluation and treatment of forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot pain, the role of orthotics and what to prescribe.

Also featured:

  • Hands-on examination techniques with sawbone workshops

  • Arthroscopy workshops

  • Hands-on patient clinical examinations with case based discussions

  • Anatomy with cadaveric dissection demonstration

  • Gait Lab experience

  • Opportunity to complete work-based assessment for portfolio.

Register online via the website:

Registration fee of £550 applies. Includes refreshments and course dinner.

Delegate feedback:
“It is a very informative, well-organised course. Please keep doing it”
“Very good – enjoyed anatomy session and patient involvement.”
“Excellent course. Thank you for all the teaching provided. Absolutely amazing course”
“Excellent course. Will recommend to colleagues. Very high quality presentation and practicals. It will have a huge positive impact on my future practice”
“Fantastic course, well put together. Good balance of cases/practicals/lectures. Would recommend”

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