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Adrian Andronic


Adrian Andronic

ST6 North Yorkshire

Adrian is an ST6 on the Yorkshire and Humber rotation and is the current Education Representative for BOTA. Throughout his training Adrian’s focus has been on promoting and developing educational and mentorship opportunities for trainees.

Adrian was a T&O Core Trainee Representative for North West in 2017-2018, BOTA Regional Representative for North Yorkshire in 2019-2021 and was elected Education Representative for BOTA in 2021-2022.

As the BOTA Education Representative, his main role is the organisation of this year’s BOTA Annual Congress scheduled to take place in November 2022. He also sits as the BOTA representative on the BOA Education and Careers Committee, Royal College Surgeon Learning Committee and HEE Training in the Independent Sector Committee.

Adrian is passionate about medical education and he is actively engaged in supporting trainees to achieve the highest standards of both training and clinical care in light of the recent challenges to training progression and CCT.

Outside of work, Adrian enjoys cycling in the Yorkshire Dales, running and snowboarding.

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