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Tony Clayson


North West (North West)

As a former BOTA President and member of the current BOA Well Being Working group, I am aware of current pressures which are having an adverse impact on our whole Orthopaedic workforce.

At a time when society as a whole is changing along with the diversity of our Orthopaedic workforce, in terms of recognising cultural heritage, gender identity and sexual orientation, the need for our Orthopaedic community to fully support a diverse group of colleagues is vital as exemplified by the greater prevalence of well being issues experienced by colleagues identified as having 'protected characteristics'.

As a member of a diverse family myself and with a career long commitment to training as the key to the long term sustainability of orthopaedic care we deliver to our diverse population, the time is right for the BOA and BOTA to collaboratively engage in ensuring there is an evolution in culture which enables diversity, equity and inclusion issues to lead such culture change

As an experienced senior Consultant and advocate for these issues I would welcome the opportunity to actively engage in this debate, promote equity for all groups and facilitate positive culture change for current trainees, Consultants and SAS doctors

Tony Clayson
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