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Rosie Gnap


East Midlands

I would love to be part of the work that the BOA has demonstrated is vitally important to the culture of orthopaedics. I would like to continue building an environment of inclusiveness which celebrates and promotes diversity to ensure we are reaching our full potential. By working closely with other DEI representatives across the country, we can remove barriers to the specialty for our current and future colleagues and improve outcomes for our patients - the ultimate goal.

I have relevant experience as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Representative for the East Midlands North Trainee Committee liaising within and outside the region to support national efforts across surgery and specifically orthopaedics to improve the working environment for all, so that we can continue to encourage the best and brightest to join our ranks. We are slowly learning that equitable outcomes require flexible processes and I would love the opportunity to be part of a larger effort to support and develop this; a task the BOA has made clear is an essential part of our group ethos going forward. Whilst we work towards a better version of Orthopaedics, we must ensure no man is left behind.

Rosie Gnap
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