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Jennifer Cherry



When I achieved my training number I was one of only three female trainees in the region. I was first to come back from maternity leave into training, and the first to complete training Less Than Full Time. In overcoming the challenges in changing the culture to be more accepting of the “atypical” orthopaedic trainee I have helped pave the way for my more junior colleagues to take up LTFT posts or maternity leave during training.

I am passionate about ensuring that all trainees are treated equitably, addressing both conscious and unconscious bias at all levels. I founded the national GOAST study, looking at difference in operative autonomy by gender in orthopaedic training, and have presented these results nationally. I have been involved in panel discussions surrounding gender diversity, including discussing differential outcomes at ARCP and how this will be addressed at the SAC level. I have also been involved in a recorded panel discussion on Imposter Syndrome with the RCSEng.

In addition to my passion surrounding women in surgery, I am also a supporter of the NHSScotland Pride Badge initiative, having taken the pledge to support the LGBT+ and minority ethnic communities and wear my NHSScotland Progress Badge proudly.

Jennifer Cherry
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