Hannah Sevenoaks


North West

I have had positive experiences of negotiating a return to work after maternity leave and ill health that balances my life, motherhood and training. I believe training and an orthopaedic career can work for everyone, whatever their lifestyle, interests and beliefs and I’m passionate about ensuring such opportunities are open to all.

I have experience in advocating for changes that address the systemic blind spots that unfairly penalise some people (including successfully petitioning the BOA to waive membership fees during parental leave).

I also have experience talking to schools, students and colleagues about how our profession can be inclusive and accommodating and would love the opportunity to expand on this more formally, and to support colleagues and organisations to ensure such experiences are universal.

Nevertheless, working and training in orthopaedics in the NHS can feel impersonal and inflexible at times, sadly deterring many potential future surgeons. Widening access to medical school and surgery should be a priority to ensure a healthy inclusive culture in future.

I hope to apply what I have learnt to improving the culture of orthopaedics, recognising the challenges facing patients and colleagues as a result of race, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.

Hannah Sevenoaks