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Nick Judkins

Junior Rep

Nick is the BOTA Junior Representative. Although he originally read languages, he is now a Core Surgical Trainee in London. In his BOTA role, he represents the concerns of pre-Registrar doctors who are BOTA members. The main forum for this is HEE's Core Surgical Training Advisory Committee (the SAC for CST). Nick usually runs the Junior streams of BOTA events and teaching, and other Junior specific activities such as the Essay Prize. He dresses badly - and cooks worse - but can help with queries via:

Role Responsibilities

.General responsibilities include attending and contributing to committee meetings and supporting the Medical Student Representative in their role. The Junior Representative also taken on responsibilities allocated by the committee, such as assisting in the Junior/Medical Student steam at BOTA Summer School and Congress, organising a Junior Essay Prize, and attending appropriate national meetings. They should also be a good representative for BOTA, both regionally and nationally – maintaining BOTA’s ethos, supporting trainees, acting as a point of contact for more junior members and giving talks to medical students/ junior doctors if requested.

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