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Kat Dayananda

Women in Surgery Rep

I’m Kat, a Specialty Trainee on the Welsh Rotation. I believe optimising experiences and opportunities for all trainees must be a priority. Workplace Culture and Diversity / Inclusion is a crucial, evolving and dynamic aspect of this.
Engaging and working with the BOA D&I Strategy Group, BHS Culture Group and WIS Group have been key focuses of mine this year.
The creation of an awareness video, based on real-life and recent comments, helps demonstrate the impact sexists, racial and homophobic behaviours can have on trainees. Our discussion at BOA Virtual Congress hopefully helped educate and inform on these challenges within our workplaces.
I hope the launch of “Trauma Tots” (inspired by the newest member of my family) will provide a valuable insight into the impacts of infertility, pregnancy and becoming a parent while also managing training. I hope it can act as a forum for discussion, a platform for information / sharing ideas, practical help during face-to-face congress and importantly a source of education for all.

Role Responsibilities

This role involves being a port of call for any issues relating to diversity in surgery, the role has grown 

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