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George Holland

Secretary / Vice President

George is the current Vice President for the BOTA Committee, following on from the Secretary position in 2019-20 and Education rep in 18-19. He is an ST6 in the South East Scotland deanery, currently working Edinburgh.

As VP George attends meetings as the trainee rep on the JCST Quality assurance panel. He also still the BOA trauma committee and sits on the ICBSE committee as one of 3 trainee reps. In addition, he is the point of contact for BOTA regional reps to liaise with national committee and helps to organise the Trainer of the year (TOTY) and TPD of the Year (TPDOTY) awards with the president. He also helps with many of the general committee roles and is the co-ordinator this years BOTA webinar sessions, Sunday Supper and Bare Bones.

He has an interest in soft tissue knee and knee recon as well as trauma and is currently arranging fellowship plans. Outside of work he spends his free time reading, gaming, climbing, hiking, and when the weather permits snowboarding. He also has an interest in cars and often works in motorsport medicine at Knockhill Racecourse and tinkers with his own vehicles.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact him on

Role Responsibilities

The role of the VP is providing executive support and direction for the BOTA committee. This includes primary communication with 29 UK Regional Representatives (formerly known as Linkmen), including dissemination of information and seeking annual regional reports for publication in JOINT. The role involves organising Trainer of the Year award (annual) and TPD award (every two years) including organising regional nominations, shortlisting and interviews. This extends to  organising annual TPD Forum at the BOTA Educational Congress, which includes liaising with UK TPDs and facilitating the session at Congress.

The VP also acts a trainee representative on national JCST committees, which requires advance preparation, attendance in person and formulation of a written report for publication on our website.

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