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This region covers all military trainees across the three services, who are in turn based all over the English and Scottish regions. Our trainees are embedded within the civilian deaneries and work within these regions until CCT, at which point they transfer to Military units. We currently have around 20 trainees within core and higher surgical T+O training posts all aiming to service as regular military consultants on their completion of training.


Lottie Tunstall

I am an ST8 in the West Midlands (Stoke/Oswestry rotation) and I represent the Defence Deanery. I am a regular Army trainee and have been in this role for 18months. My main interests lie in Major Trauma and Upper Limb. Outside of work I am a keen cook and love to travel, and am a single parent to my daughter. In my military role I have served in Kenya and Cyprus and previously had a short time as an army reservist before transferring to the regular army.

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