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Abhinav Singh


Abhinav Singh

ST5 North West London

The President is responsible for leading the BOTA committee during the BOTA academic year to deliver to its members, an educationally sound congress & summer school, national audit and research collaboratives, fellowship opportunities and the completion of tasks set by short life working groups in key areas such as Diversity and inclusion, Innovation and Sustainability in surgery.

The President is the ‘face’ of BOTA and the main point of contact for trainees, specialist societies and industry alike. The President acts as the advocate of all BOTA members at surgical council meetings such as the Royal College of Surgeons and the BOA Council and sits on a number of important Committees – including RCS(Eng) L&A, BOA EdCar, IST Assurance Board, T&O SDG and ATDG. He is dedicated to ensuring that he, and the BOTA Committee, remains focused on driving forward the agenda of excellence in training.

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