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Sohail Nisar


Yorkshire and the Humber

From early in my career I have seen and experienced the detrimental effects of a lack of inclusion and diversity within T&O. This can impact individual trainees but also studies have shown this can also result in poorer care for patents from a certain demographic, this has motivated me to work towards promoting inclusion and diversity within T&O.

From my experience as STC Rep in my deanery and as a member of the RCSEd Trainee Committee I have experience in identifying trainee concerns and working to resolve these. This has involved mobilising the trainees to demonstrate the deficiencies and then working with TPDs and Sector Tutors to formulate a plan of action.

There are multiple efforts occurring within T&O, and surgery as a whole, around equality and diversity, but these seem focussed on one particular area and can seem disjointed under the umbrella of equality and diversity as a whole. I would value the opportunity to bring these efforts together and ensure we have representation across the board.

Sohail Nisar
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