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Rumina Begum


Rumina is the BOTA SAC Representative. As a post CCT fellow, she is uniquely placed to address training issues and act as a voice for trainees nationally. She is an active member of the main governing bodies such as SAC, JCIE and T&O Intercollegiate Exam Specialty Board which oversee national selection, training and examinations.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Rumina on or find her on Twitter @bota_sac

Role Responsibilities

The Post-FRCS (mandatory) committee member is the trainee representative at SAC (RCS London), JCIE (RCS Edinburgh) and T&O Intercollegiate Exam Specialty Board (RCS Edinburgh) meetings. Liaison between above boards and the trainee body via meeting reports. Selection Design Committee involvement for National Selection involving meetings near end of one year tenure but continuing to National Selection episode following it.

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