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Chris Lewis


Chris is an ST6 on the Yorkshire and Humber Rotation and is the current education rep for BOTA. He graduated from University of Leeds in 2011 and has undertaken all his postgraduate training in Yorkshire. He has an MSc in Medical Engineering and a PG Certificate in Medical Education and is a recent Clinical Leadership Fellow with Yorkshire & Humber School of Surgery.

He is passionate about education and his current focus is on developing leadership skills, human factors and non-technical skills for higher surgical trainees on the background of the new curriculum changes and assessments. He also sits on the planning advisory board for the ICRE (International Conference on Residency Education). Outside of work, Chris enjoys Rugby, walking in the Yorkshire dales, good coffee and cooking.

As the BOTA education representative, his main role is the organisation of this year’s BOTA Annual Congress, due to take place in July 2021. He also sits as the BOTA representative on the BOA education and careers committee and the Royal College Surgeon Learning Committee.

Role Responsibilities

As Education Rep, your main responsibility is to organise the annual Educational Congress. You are expected to sort the venue, programme, social activities and faculty. You get help with all of these from the rest of the committee and you have to be able to manage the team effectively. You also help with the organising and running of the BOTA summer school event although this is more advisory. You are also the BOTA representative to a number of committees and are expected to present the BOTA standpoint to these groups.

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