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TOTUM Discount Card

TOTUM is the #1 student discount card and app giving you access to huge offers on food and essentials, tech, travel and home delivery.

As a BOTA member, you are entitled to apply for a TOTUM card and make the most of its benefits!

Step 1

Request your unique TOTUM voucher code via the following BOTA form:

Fields marked with an * are required

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2

Click here to order your TOTUM card with your unique voucher code.

  • Your place of study is: British Orthopaedic Trainees Association

  • Your course level is: Professional/Vocational

  • Your course discipline is: Professional/Vocational

  • We do not hold your training start and end dates; instead, when completing the online application, please enter the start and end dates of your specialty training programme, i.e. from your appointment date to CCT date

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