Surgical Performance Optimisation Training (SPOT) on Course

On this programme, you will learn ‘Surgical Cognitive Simulation’ (SCS), an evidence-based method to enhance performance. This novel method takes a different approach to training, so participants will need to be adaptable for it to work.  


This programme is  3 months long.  Please find attached your SCS learning log to be completed during the first month. Please watch the screen casts and complete the logs,

We would like to highlight, like any other skill, SCS will need deliberate practice in the initial stages. We recommend 10-15 minutes on the day before an operating list and 10-15 minutes after the list. Additionally, to incorporate SCS in theatre, you may need to plan strategies considering factors like type of surgery and the nature of consultant’s involvement. Our experience and research suggest that the benefits of SCS are proportional to the motivation and effort of participants.  

Module 1