East Midlands



  • Leicester Royal Infirmary

  • Leicester General Hospital

  • Glenfield General Hospital

  • Kettering General Hospital

  • Northampton General Hospital

  • Pilgrim hospital, Boston

  • Lincoln County Hospital

  • Grantham Hospital

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Rotation Highlights

The Deanery has perennially received excellent feedback from both past and present trainees through a rigorous internal review system, with good trainee engagement, and boasts an exceptional FRCS pass rate.

The rotation provides excellent educational and clinical opportunities, with a trainee-centric programme. Trainees will have opportunities to work in one of the busiest trauma units in the UK at Leicester Royal Infirmary as well as tertiary elective units and District General Hospitals. Rotations are geographically quite confined with the Leicester hospitals the main hub, making commutes and travel much more easily and readily accessible on the whole.

The rotation boasts notable trainers with past presidents of the BOA, BASK, BOFAS and BOOS to name a few with strong academic and research backgrounds. Trainees have ample opportunity to get involved with high quality research both nationally and locally with our Deanery trainers. Recently a trainee led collaborative initiative has taken off across the Deanery allowing for greater involvement and meaningful research output.

Another unique aspect to our training is our training programme director. Our TPD is one of a kind, proven with her shortlisting as both TPD and trainer of the year in the last BOTA awards. She goes above and beyond to ensure trainees are indeed receiving the training required. She is our greatest advocate and maintains clear transparency about job allocation which can be a cause of much anxiety elsewhere and our TPD considers individual needs, with life outside of our training equally as important.


Parag Raval

Hi am Parag, an ST6 in the region. I graduated in 2013 from Imperial College School of Medicine, and then following an academic foundation programme, carried out my core surgical training in the West Midlands.
I had previously no link to the deanery but have been blown away by the organisation, training and warmth received by all trainees and trainers alike. I have been with my wife since we graduated medical school, she is also a fellow T&O trainee, and we arrived to the Deanery together and have never looked back.
I am happy to answer any questions anyone might have about training here.

East Midlands