TPDOTY 2015 – Mike Reed (Northern)

M Reed

TPD since 2011 and formally a SpR in the region “Speedy” is quite simply a force of nature. His overriding drive to improve training is evident in every aspect of our deanery. From education, to innovation and academia, the commitment to improve our program goes above and beyond his regular 4am emails.

The design of every training program must begin with learning objectives. Co-authoring both the 2010 and 2013 StR curriculum he pioneered the introduction of e-logbook, UKITE, OCAP and PBA’s. National Lead for UKITE and e-logbook, he also Chairs the BOA Education Committee, himself being fundamental in evolving explicit outcomes for training, setting the bench-mark for good training in the UK. An extremely inspirational trainer in his own wright, he genuinely wants trainees to be good operators and decision makers. Compelling them to get the best without pressurizing, he remains approachable and fair even if trainees don’t achieve his super-human standards.

Treating trainees as equals, ideas to improve the region are met with infectious enthusiasm peculating throughout the rotation. Instigating an electronic system for post matching (Spinfusion), he introduced a fair points-based allocation for high demand jobs. Creating our trainee webpage and email network the domain is still funded from his pocket. Reformatting the Research prize day, it became more inclusive, breaking down institutional/unit barriers and improving the event’s social aspects. Our TPD’s personal approach with trainees shines through, happy to problem-solve over a drink, common sense prevails with unbiased swift resolution to any training issues. Continuing improvements under his tenure allowed the deanery to achieve Top UK Hospital and TOP Deanery for T&O Trainee satisfaction (GMC Survey 2014).

A powerful driving force behind any research project, this TPD ensures deadlines are set and achieved with over 175 publications; all involving at least one trainee. He empowers trainees to get the most from their work encouraging the creation of CORNET (UK’s 1st local T&O trainee-led research collaborative). Allowing space in the teaching program for meetings, he helped CORNET attain successful grants awarding >£500,000 in funding they now run a number of deanery-wide projects including a major RCT.

As TPD’s go, we believe ours to be unparalleled. Tireless in all that he does a figurehead for good training, ground-braking innovator and a paper mill for trainee research. “Speedy” is iconic, siting with his mac between cases, planning the next pioneering addition to our training; both locally and nationally.

Nomination written by Will Manning, Northern Linkman