TOTY 2017 – Mr Fraser Harrold

BOTA are pleased to announce the 2017 Trainer of the Year as Mr Fraser Harrold (East of Scotland). Here are some of the feedback from his trainees:

Describe how the training offered by this trainer is excellent and separates them from other trainers.

The reason this trainer has been received the most number of votes in our region for TOTY is simply because so many trainees, not just the ones directly working for him, have benefited from his training. This trainer doesn’t focus on training most of the time, he prioritises it all of the time; it is inbuilt into his practice, not an added after-thought. He gives away everything in theatre, which is a testament to his skill in talking trainees through challenging cases. His weekend trauma lists are not rushed through, so he can get home; support is patiently given to the senior registrar to make treatment plans and lead theatre to further their development. This trainer is not just human and affable but also inspirational.

Explain how this trainer recognises individual trainee needs within the diverse orthopaedic workforce and adapts the way in which their training is delivered.

This trainer starts by establishing a trainees development needs, whether it be in relation to long or more short term learning outcomes, and tailors his training to that. Junior trainees speak of his ability to instil quality skills and confidence through helpful feedback; senior trainees value his unnerving viva practice sessions! His teaching style is malleable and dependent on the desired outcome, not the other way around. This trainer treats you as a junior colleague and a professional; not a subordinate. He is a gentleman.

A testament from this trainer’s most recent trainee: “I was apprehensive about this placement due to my inexperience with foot and ankle however he has been an excellent teacher, mentor and trainer. From the start we established clear goals that he has pushed me to achieve these to fruition and helped navigate an unfamiliar specialty with clear direction. He has always endeavoured to ensure that trainee opportunities are met despite his busy schedule providing time to give genuine feedback on performance in clinic and technique both in examination skills and in surgery. He is a keen researcher and gives opportunities to enrol patients in nationwide clinical trials and become involved in high level research.”

Excellent trainers have a wider impact on trainees in the rotation, including those who may not be working for him/her. How would your rotation be different without this trainer?

This trainer is an enthusiastic and reliable supporter of our postgraduate programme. He has run two particularly notable anatomy dissection sessions in the last year, not only facilitating teaching but developing them into research opportunities.

This trainer is able to share his excellent training practice with his Consultant peers. Our region wanted to improve the out-patient teaching experience for our trainees and this trainer’s practice was the exemplar model employed. He explained that he simply moves three new patients to the start of each clinic and sees them with the trainees, teaching the junior trainees and viva-ing the exam-goers. This is an excellent example of how he consistently promotes training in our region.

What Mr Harrold had to say:

… Every generation should be better than the last and better than I am… 

… It is important to be interested in trainees as people…

… I am just a colleague at a different stage of work…