The Lost Tribe Audit – Register Interest Now!


BOTA and BONE are teaming up to launch a national multi-centre audit project. We are asking BOTA members to register their interest to be a collaborator for our inaugural BOTA / BONE national audit project:

“The Lost Tribe Audit” aims to categorise who the current “1st on call” cohort is in T&O in the UK, and what they actually do, during a 5-day snapshot (25th – 29th January 2016). Many of you will be aware that competition for Core Surgical Training and ST3+ T&O Specialist Training is declining to the lowest levels ever recorded. BOTA feels that this is because many juniors are not being exposed to the specialty, and when they are (for example in FY training or CST), they are being used to cover rota gaps and provide ward cover.

We know that being inspired to be an Orthopaedic surgeon is largely influenced by a positive and encouraging experience as a junior. Many juniors are not being exposed to the fun aspects of the specialty, such as trauma theatres, elective operations, and management of patients in clinic.

Specialist Trainees in T&O are required to complete 6 audits for CCT during their 6 years of training. Junior trainees and medical students are looking to build upon their audit experience and boost their CV in the hope of career progression. This project will allow everyone to be involved on an equal equity basis. The project is owned by all that take part and engage with the process. Collaborators will get maximum benefit for minimal work.

This will be the largest T&O trainee audit of its kind and will no doubt lead to national conference presentations and hopefully publication in a peer-reviewed journal. All BOTA collaborators will be named as 1st authors under “BOTA / BONE Collaborators” regardless of how much input you had in the project. This is our way to say thank you for engaging in this new project.

We did a “soft launch” at the annual BOA Congress in September and recruited 53 collaborators! Our goal is to get 100 trusts signed up to capture a representative sample of UK Orthopaedics.

Ok, so you may be interested, what should you do now?

  1. Please visit http://bone.buzz and complete the registration of interest form

  2. If you already have a BONE account, you will receive a link to add the project to your account. If you do not have a BONE account set up, we will set it up for you and send you the link to activate it.

  3. You will receive a “Lost Tribe” toolkit, which will include an audit registration form to file with your trust’s audit department, and a data collection spreadsheet with instructions of how to complete it.

  4. Share this with your colleagues and junior doctors. Encourage them to sign up too! Its ok if a colleague from the same trust has already signed up, you can share the work and both be collaborators.

Please sign up now and be involved in this massive audit project that will benefit all of those involved.