Summer SCOT Meeting and 2nd Annual STOTS Meeting

7/8 Sept 2017

The 2017 Summer SCOT meeting also coincided with the 2nd annual STOTS Meeting and brought many of Scotland’s trainees and trainers together for two days of education and networking.

The STOTS meeting was focused around paediatrics and was a good opportunity to learn about an area of Orthopaedics that many trainees find difficult.  Sessions were arranged to complete CBDs and Viva’s for those close to taking the FRCS exam.  The evening Ceilidh and Dinner saw the presentation of the Bon Oeuf Award.  The winner of the 2017 Bon Oeuf Award was Vitty Bucknall from the SES region who has worked tirelessly for the benefit of Scottish Training for many years.  Congratulations and many thanks for your ongoing hard work!

The SCOT meeting saw many excellent registrar presentations with first prize going to John Annan from the SES Region with his presentation “TEACHING FLUOROSCOPIC GUIDEWIRE PLACEMENT – A NOVEL INEXPENSIVE OPEN-SOURCE 3D-PRINTABLE SIMULATOR”

The date for the 2018 winter SCOT meeting was set for the 2 Feb 2018 and the Summer SCOT / STOTS will be held 6/7 Sep 2018.