ST3 Recruitment – SDG Meeting 7-8th Oct 2015

The first meeting of the Selection Design Group met in London. This year’s process includes 3 invited members from the BOTA Committee (myself, Simon Fleming VP, and Marshall Sangster [SAC rep]). Unfortunately Marshall could not make this first meeting. Our old friend and former SAC rep for BOTA, Nick Ferran, was invited by the Chairmen (David Large) as he was involved in the process 2 years ago.

Whilst I cannot comment on the specifics of the stations and the questions being developed, I can comment on the process. The group involves SAC members, respected consultants (many of whom have interviewed for many years), representatives from Health Education England, and trainees. The process of determining the selection process is very robust with every attention to detail given to all aspects of recruitment.

This initial meeting set out a clear direction for national selection which BOTA has always been on board with. That is one of fairness, equality, and transparency. BOTA reps particularly pushed the issue of increased transparency and detailed pre-interview candidate information in the handbook. The process for 2016 looks to build upon previous years and with new stations that will ensure high quality T&O trainees enter the specialist training programme.

If you have any comments or would like to raise feedback through BOTA at the SDG, please email mustafa.rashid@me.com

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