ST3 National Selection Meeting – 30/11/2015

Mustafa Rashid (President), Marshall Sangster (current SAC rep), Nick Ferran (previous BOTA SAC rep), and Jerome Davidson (immediate past SAC rep) were involved in the second meeting of the Selection Design Group (SDG), which is responsible for setting the ST3 national interviews. Whilst the general format will remain the same, new questions for each station have been written and signed off.

A huge amount of work has been done by the group to ensure that interviewers are given a robust process of induction including generating mock interview videos and scoring schemes that are validated. Additionally, each new question has been carefully scrutinised by all members of the group to ensure they are clear, reflective of what is expected of a day 1 ST3, and representative of the qualities outlined in the person specification. The interviews will be held on 21st-24th March 2016 at Leeds United Football Club.

The scoring matrix has been reviewed and a discussion of the use of a killer score for the clinical station was held. The group was strongly against the use of a killer score to determine a level of competence and patient safety but rather an overall score that ensures successful candidates are all safe to practice as Orthopaedic Specialist trainees. BOTA were strongly supportive of this concept.

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