Specialty Advisory Committee Meeting Report

Specialty Advisory Committee Meeting

9 October 2018

I attended the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting on the 9th of October 2018 as the BOTA representative. The following matters were discussed which I would like to bring to the attention of BOTA members.

CCT criteria update

An update to the CCT criteria in Trauma & Orthopaedics was published by the JCST in early August. This update will be in effect from October 10th 2018 and will therefore be applicable to those who enter ST7 after October 10th 2018. The updated guidance can be found here.

The New Curriculum

The New Curriculum will not see an in increase in the number of required WBAs. WBAs on Capabilities in Practice (CiPs) as outlined by the GMC will be introduced consisting of Multiconsultant feedback. The GMC Generic Professional Capabilities Framework can be found here.

Improving Surgical Training

IST will be piloted across a number of Trusts in England with appointments at ST1 level from August 2020. The predominant changes to training will effect those in the first two years of this run through programme. Candidates will be required to achieve an “appointable” score at National Selection for T&O ST3 to continue into ST4. Further information about IST can be found here.

National Selection

130 NTNs were awarded at this year’s National Selection for T&O. Core Trainees enjoyed a high appointment rate but overall the number of people applying for T&O ST3 is declining.


Work is underway to align the e-logbook and consolidation reports with the updated CCT guidance from August 2018 which will be in line with the New Curriculum.