Specialty Advisory Committee Meeting – 6th February 2018

Report on Specialty Advisory Committee meeting 6 February 2018

I attended the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting on the 6th of February 2018 as the SAC BOTA representative. The following matters were discussed which I would like to bring to the attention of BOTA members.

Guidance and support for trainee groups

Support for several trainee groups were discussed.

“Winter pressures” are a reality that most training regions have been affected by to some degree or another. Guidance and support will be provided to TPDs to help deliver arthroplasty and other elective training opportunities to their trainees.

BOTA encouraged the provision of support for trainees coming back from research degrees and other Out of Programme activities who may fear that they will be “rusty” upon return to clinical practice.  Options for this group include Keeping In Touch days, Boot Camps and enhanced supervision and support upon return.

The New Curriculum

The New Curriculum is likely to be introduced from August 2019. The biggest changes that it will bring will revolve around the GMC requirement for assessment of “Capabilities in Practice” with reference to the Shape of Training report.

The new curriculum will affect trainees according to their current year at the time of it’s introduction as follows:

  1. ST3-6: follow New Curriculum

  2. ST7-8: have choice of following Old or New Curriculum

Training changes in the horizon

A number of enhancements to training are or will be available in the future. These include:

  1. Simulation training at Boot camps, BOA Congress, etc.

  2. Sarcoma TIG.

  3. Competency based early CCT or in-training fellowship (within region)


ISCP to include a more functional system to summarise Critical Condition WBAs.

It was noted that trainees should ideally keep ISCP and Elogbook evidence up to date as they go along, but certainly well before their ARCP dates to avoid an unsatisfactory outcome at their ARCP.

A Trainer Portfolio is now included which will allow trainers to demonstrate that they satisfy the requirements of being an Educational or Clinical Supervisor.