Specialty Advisory Committee Meeting – 21st June 2018

I attended the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting on the 21st of June 2018 as the BOTA representative. The following matters were discussed which I would like to bring to the attention of BOTA members.

Inter Deanery Transfers

A request will be made to the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans to review the application process to facilitate IDTs in Exceptional Circumstancs.

National Selection 2018

National Selection Interviews were thought to have gone well. A number of issues in the run-up to interview were noted. Formal candidate feedback will be reviewed by the Selection Design Group to avoid such issues in future rounds.

New Curriculum

The SAC supports the equivalence of the European Trauma Course to the Advanced Trauma Life Support certificate and will propose this again to the JCST.

In regards to quality improvement projects, closure of someone else’s audit loop satisfies the CCT criteria for closed loop audit.

The numerical requirement of 40 WBAs per year is likely to be removed in the New Curriculum to reflect training that focuses on competency achievement.

Training Programme Director Dashboard

The TPD dashboard will provide performance metrics of different deaneries (e.g. with research output, exam pass rates, etc.). This information will be publicly available to inform existing trainees and specialty training applicants.

Winter Pressures

Early research by the SAC revealed that Winter Pressures could result in an extension of training by nearly six months to obtain minimum operating and index procedure numbers during training. In practice this can be represented through “No Fault” ARCP outcomes and extension of CCT.

Improving Surgical Training

IST aims to deliver a competency-based training program that reduces some of the negative impact of service provision on training. More details can be found here

Pilots for IST in Trauma & Orthopaedics are planned to start at Core Surgery National Selection 2020 with a Specialty selection section at interviews. BOTA is advocating for trainee involvement in this process at an early stage.

Overseas Work

The recent BOTA Survey revealed a demand for guidance and possibilities of remote supervision and competency achievement for shorter trips (e.g. two weeks) to developing countries. The SAC will endeavour to provide guidance to TPDs and Trainees for this.