SAC Meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons

As SAC representative, I attended the quarterly SAC meeting on behalf of BOTA.  The SAC is the committee that decides on the requirements for us to CCT in Trauma and Orthopaedics.  There were a number of issues discussed and I would like to flag up the following areas that I feel are important to the membership.

Winter pressures and training

There have been concerns raised that in certain parts of the UK that decreased elective activity due to winter bed pressures will have an impact on training.  Currently there is very little data on these problems.  If these issues are affecting you, then you need to flag this up to your programme director as early as possible so that they can try to find a solution and so that they are aware of the extent of the problem.

ISCP Version 10

The ISCP are aware of several the issues that have been raised by trainees and they are aiming to address these as soon as possible.  If you have any urgent issues you are advised to use the phone or e-mail helpdesk or for less urgent problems, use the feedback buttons on the website.

Courses for CCT requirements

There are requirements for an education course and a management course as part of the CCT requirements.  Questions have been raised as to what courses would be acceptable for these requirements.  It was clarified that an on-line e-learning education course such as the e-TOES course wouldn’t fulfil the education course requirements.  The education course would need to contain face to face content similar to the Training the Trainers Course to be valid.  However, the SAC are going to review whether some of the on-line leadership and management courses (such as those by the NHS Leadership academy) would be acceptable and clarify this.

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