Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow January Meeting

Emphasis was made regarding the overwhelming support to our English colleagues during the recent doctor industrial action south of the border. Concerns were raised by the training committee regarding the proposal of full withdrawal of service and the impact on public perception. Alternative ideas for stance were made such as: refusal to complete discharge letters, death certificates etc. However, Mr Galloway confirmed that all the Royal College Presidents remain in close contact regarding the issue and certainly the RCPSG continues to support the junior doctors fully.

Shape of training once again was raised. It has been proposed that there should be two tiers of training a) to become proficient in dealing with front door specialty emergencies and then b) further training for subspecialties. Concerns were raised from the BOTA rep that this could create a sub-consultant grade which orthopaedic trainees on the whole do not prefer. Unfortunately, the RCPSG rep on the Greenway Implementation Group did not attend the meeting and therefore we will await further update.

Next meeting date TBD.

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