Returning to T&O training after time out

I’m writing to ask if you are an ST3+ T&O trainee who is currently out of training (3+ months) and planning to return before October 2023? This includes OOPR/OOPC, parental leave, sick leave or any other reason.

We have run 3 successful T&O specific return to training one-day workshops in the KSS/London area (mostly virtual) and are now looking to widen access to this across the country, and transfer to a face-to-face format to allow us to also deliver practical skills refreshers. I have attached an article from the JTO which outlines what we have done previously.

If you would be interested in attending something like this, please could you contact me ( with the following information?:


Training programme

Total time away taken from programme during this episode

Reason for time out (optional)

Anticipated date of return

ST grade at return

We can then plan the timing of our next workshops depending on demand.

Many thanks,


Zoë Little

ST8 T&O, South West London rotation


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