Report on SAC Meeting, September 2016

Enhanced Induction

There is a focus on enhanced induction programmes at present.  There are good examples of these running around the country at present and a number of committees are looking at how best to bring these to other regions throughout the UK.

New curriculum elements

There are a number of new assessments that will shortly be being added to ISCP and the CCT requirements checklists.  These are:

  1. Critical condition CBD : necrotising fasciitis

  2. CEX: assessment and management of major trauma (see: http://www.boa.ac.uk/training-education/eg-cex-major-trauma/)

  3. DOPs: Casting technique (see: http://www.boa.ac.uk/training-education/assessing-casting-techniques-for-surgical-trainees/)

Whilst these have not all been added into ISCP yet my advice would be to start to gain these assessments as soon as possible so that when they are included you are prepared for it.

ISCP Version 10

The ISCP team gave an update of the new website.  They are aware of a number of the issues that have been raised by trainees and they are aiming to address these as soon as possible.  If you have any urgent issues you are advised to use the phone or e-mail helpdesk or for less urgent problems, use the feedback buttons on the website.

Problems registering for the exam

The feedback from the intercollegiate exam board is that they are trying to increase the number of registered examiners to be able to increase the number of slots available at each sitting of the exam.  In the interim please be aware that in the event of there being more candidates than places for part 2 that places for the clinical section will be allocated on the basis of when they applied for the exam as per section 5 of the application guidelines (https://www.jcie.org.uk/Utils/DocumentGenerator.aspx?Type=CMS&docID=386bbc69-2612-4727-8ed5-a0d8808ba9e7).  My advice would therefore be to get your application finished and submitted as soon as possible to try to maximise your chances of being able to sit the exam.  BOTA will continue to raise the issue of lack of exam places at the relevant committees whilst it remains a problem.

I look forward to seeing many of you at next week’s BOA meeting in Belfast.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]