RCS Senior Clinical Fellowship Scheme

RCS Work Package 4: Improving Surgical Training Group

The majority of this meeting was based in and around the rebranding, redeveloping and general application process for the RCS Senior Clinical Fellowships.

The system of application, approvals and reapprovals seemed fair. There was discussion is regards to the use of ISCP by these fellows, as it further demonstrated the need for clarity and transparency in the ISCP fee – should a post CCT fellow have to pay towards JCST to utilise the functionality of ISCP? Clearly there is need to fund the ISCP if you are using it, be you a trainee, a post CCT Fellow or a trainer, however, more clarity is needed as, in theory, a post CCT Fellow or trainer has no need for the JCST any more

Within this working package, the Improving Surgical Training project was also discussed; though it has some noble goals, it still appears to be the Shape of Training, under a different guise. In this context, one thing that was discussed was that “anything not covered in your curriculum or training should be delivered in RCS Fellowships”. In this forum, BOTA questioned a number of the IST issues, especially why you would plan a training program that cannot deliver the entire curriculum![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]