RCS England Council Meeting 8th October 2015

I attended the Royal College of Surgeons (England) Council meeting as BOTA President. The meeting included a very interesting and lively debate on the College’s position on the new junior doctor contract reforms. BOTA and ASiT were heavily involving in contributing to a discussion that helped RCS Council understand the issues facing junior doctors and members of the Royal Surgical College. This lead to a statement being released that BOTA and ASiT were involved in feeding back on. This can be read here. The College seems to be very keen on supporting its members regarding the junior doctor contracts and wishes to engage on a regional level to better understand the issues at hand.

Other topics of discussion included: an update on Project 2020 (proposed plans to re-build the Barry building RCS England site to better accommodate the College’s functions), and an update on the RCS Emerging Leaders Programme (Female Consultants and SAS surgeons shadowing key members of RCS Council to gain experience in surgical leadership at RCS level).