RCS Council Meeting – 10/12/2015

The RCS Council meeting was held and various topics were discussed. Specific to T&O trainees, was a discussion around what the College’s role in Surgical Education is, and an update on Project 2020 (which is the decanting of the College from its current premises to rebuild the Barry building).

There was a fervent discussion about the College’s role in running courses for surgeons including what facilities should be provided i.e. simulators, cadaveric sessions. It is likely that the new College building (opening in 2020) will not have full cadaveric training resources as this will be outsourced. Project 2020 will mean the College and its activities (inc Examinations, ceremonies, etc) will take place in another venue for 3 years (2017 -2020) while the Barry building is knocked down and rebuilt to a purpose-designed building that will have space for seminar rooms, committee meeting rooms, and conference facilities. No details about where the College and its activities will move to during this time.

What do you think the College should provide for trainees in 2020? Please email Mustafa.rashid@me.com and share your thoughts.

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