New ISCP website launching soon

We are pleased to announce that the final Beta version of ISCP version 10 will be available from the first week of May. The new site will provide:

  1. a new look and feel

  2. improved functionality and navigation

  3. a more user-friendly experience

  4. technical enhancement for future adaptability.

The ISCP web developers and testing team have done an enormous amount of work to get v10 to this stage. Individual components of the site have been signed off through rigorous cycles of development, testing, re-writing, re-testing and quality assurance.

The live release of v10 is planned for 3 August 2016, subject to satisfactory performance during the Beta testing phase. The Beta version of the site will be available for user testing until a month before the live release. Please log in to familiarise yourself with the site and to check that you have full access to your records and data. If you find any errors please let us know via the in-site feedback function. We will repair major errors and as many minor errors as possible before live release.

Please be aware that the Beta version of v10 is for demonstration purposes only. The current version of the ISCP website (v9) remains live. This is the site you should continue to use for real data you want to keep in your Portfolio. Data entered into v9 will be migrated periodically into the v10 Beta site. Data entered directly into the v10 Beta site will not be saved, but lost each time v9 data is migrated across. Prior to v10 going live on 3 August, all data within v9 will have been transferred to the new version.


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