Joint Surgical Data Governance Committee – Jan 2016

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows

eLogbook Patient Identifiable Data;

It was raised by the “Council of Caldicot guardians” that there is potentially patient identifiable data in eLogbook. They have been contacted in regards to patient identifiable data in eLogbook multiple times. They are not responding to communications but all efforts have been made to contact and reassure them – as of now, there are no concerns that eLogbook needs to change.

Reflection on the ISCP

Reflection in the ISCP, both from trainers and trainees is a cause for concern as, if people feel like their reflections will be scrutinised publically, the likelihood of an honest, robust reflection occurring is minimal. ISCP Data governance advice is “if you are concerned that you (or your trainer) might write something incriminating, place it outside ISCP”

The committee (and others) are looking into what access can courts demand?

There is a push for commitment from the colleges to object to the release of the data and further a question of whether the College help trainees to fight the devaluing of our reflective practice. Clarification of ISCP as a learning tool is forthcoming. This is being escalated at multiple levels a clear statement is imminent