JCST Meeting – 19th May 2016

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows

Bootcamps (Enhanced Induction/Educational Experiences);

These are coming and some regions are already running exemplary bootcamps. In this meeting Mr Richard Bamford, Mr Alex Humphreys, Mr James Coulston, Mr Steve Eastaugh-Waring and Mr Rob Longman presented on their experience of bootcamps in Health Education South West (HESW) – Severn Deanery. They spoke in passionate terms about the way they have managed to get bootcamps organised for their regions, for core and early ST. Both technically and non technical skills are taught in a robust fashion. They have got a cost neutral model for Core and industry funding for ST.

More to come but these are the future!

JCST Simulation Strategy

Simulation-based training for associated health professionals and wearable technology were both debated in detail. The debates themselves lead to a much wider topic, which was the future of simulation and beyond; innovation in education. It was agreed that inter-professional teaching and training is hugely valuable and poorly done within surgery.

We should not let technology drive our direction of travel, but equally must recognise that technology is moving rapidly, as is educational theory.

The meeting ended on a positive note, which was that the journey was only beginning; to provide robust research and robust simulation and technology enhanced learning in education