JCST Meeting – 14th April 2016

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows

Improving Quality of Education

HEE have a working group on imrpvoing the quality of education and the top three issues were • Cost of training, • cost of courses and • flexible working.

It has been shown that a lack of flexibility means we are losing people, often highly talented, highly motivated people! Costs and their links to mandatory training were very much on the list of things that were recognised as often being a ‘waste of time’. Inductions should be concise, relevant and anything in training that is mandatory should not be paid for by trainees!

TIGs and Major Trauma Interest

HEE Trauma Group and potential for JCST Trauma Training Interface Group is developing a Training Interface Group (TIG), to allow people from a variety of specialties to develop excellence in the delivery of trauma surgery, most likely as a consultant in an MTC

TIGs in general were discussed and the group were reminded that the TIGs “Ensures excellence in a group of talented trainees”, though they must be pre-CCT. It should be noted by anyone who is keen, you need to have everything for CCT done and dusted before taking it up Core Training

A quick point was made that 10% of core trainees are failing the MRCS – why is this? How are we failing them and how can we make things better?

This lead nicely into the presentation of the BOTA Lost Tribe Project, the largest trainee led audit ever; the work itself was very well received but was shocking to some. Many did not appreciate just how much service provision our junior trainees provide and how thi impacts on their exposure to surgery.

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