JCST Meeting – 14/10/2015 – ?Staggering trainee changeover…

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows;

Staggering Trainee Changeover;

There was talk of having a clearly staggered trainee changeover date. This would avoid “Black Wednesdays” to an extent but was also to allow for the introduction of bootcamps. The main issue here, as far as I could see was that there is talk of the bootcamps lasting for quite some time – the discussion then went onto suggest that trainees might be unsalaried for this time and that there is no clarification on exactly how bootcamps would be funded as of yet. Equally, if, on a regional/national bootcamp, a trainee also did their manual handling/child safety etc etc, would these be recognised by individual trusts.

The issues on pay (or more importantly lack of pay) during bootcamps as well as trust recognition were raised and will be revisited at the next JCST

GMC Recognition of Trainers;

Very soon, anyone who wants to be a “trainer” will have to have been recognised by the GMC as such. There are a lot of details about how this will be done, including e-Learning and the like but the takehome message is that, in principle a LETB will not allow a trainee to go to an institution with no recognised trainers and will not allow a non-recognised consultant to have a trainee. There is also a suggestion that having a non recognised consultant as a CS will also stop. It remains to be seen how much this is actually enforced, but it has the potential to empower better trainers and identify those that honestly do not wish to be trainers or have trainees


The BOTA Linkman Roadshow work on simulation was presented and the exemplar simulation offered around the UK was discussed in detail. This is part of the work towards simulation having a greater and greater role in surgical training and the JCST work towards mandatory simulation. This work will be presented again at the Simulation Meeting in Nov 2015.