ISCP Meeting – 31st March 2016

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows

Enhanced Visual Representation

A new demo was shown of the possibility of using a new way to demonstrate how a trainee is progressing with their WBAs.

Though visually very clear and elegant, one thing that was agreed is that trainees would also find benchmarking data useful – a visual way of showing how you are doing n comparison to your peers at a similar level

Core Curriculum

The new core curriculum is coming! It is much more modular, though there is no professionalism or leadership module within it yet. It was challenged though; the issue is, though a curriculum is a powerful tool, there still needs to be a robust system of making sure it is delivered, otherwise a new curriculum would be a moot point.

T&O Curriculum

Just a quick heads up that necrotising fasciitis will soon be a critical CBD

GMC Standards for Curricula and Assessment

Mention was made of the “MLE”. This exam is being proposed as an exam foundation doctors will have to sit, country wide, as well as doctors from across the EU. There was no clarification of how much it would cost, details of the formatting or who would fund it. I made it clear that an exam designed to weed out possible issues with EU medics should not be paid for or funded by trainees