ISCP Management Meeting

ISCP Management Meeting

18th April 2019

I represented BOTA at the recent ISCP management meeting which raised some interesting points for trainees. The main point of discussion was the Multiple Consultant Report. In line with new GMC changes to the curriculum, the multiple consultant report aims to address the domains of “professional capabilities” in order to address areas of both excellence and concern with regards to these. Several changes were recommended for the next round of tests including important changes to terminology. It was highlighted that the frequency of MCR would be twice per 6-month placement to run in parallel with the mid-point and end of block meeting and become embedded in the learning agreement.

The point was raised that there are areas that overlap with both the AES report and multisource feedback (MSF) and was advised that this separate system was necessary to comply with GMC guidance. Furthermore, the bureaucratic burden this system may potentially place was another area of concern raised. This is an ongoing area of development and I will present the new MCR system with the BOTA and feedback to the ICSP Management Team following this.

Other areas raised were the need to update available WBAs in line with the new T&O curriculum which is ongoing and that the website itself will get an updated look over the coming months.

ISCP has been launched internationally in one additional country, Iceland, for use with its small body of surgical trainees. At present, the Icelandic training region is small compared with other UK deaneries and there are no immediate plans to introduce this to other countries. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Finally, there are currently no plans to change the current mandatory guidance of indicative numbers in T&O.