ISCP Management and ISCP Data – Dec 2015

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows;

Update from Joint Surgical Data Governance Committee

There is advice coming in regards to use of video recording in operating theatres, as this becomes more prevalent.

There is also ongoing work in multiple committees in regards to clear guidance about the use of reflection in the ISCP and whether or not this can me made confidential and protected as such. It was noted that the aviation industry has a confidential adverse reporting system – this will be further investigated.

Links With Oxford University Press;

This was an area of hot debate and there has yet to be a formal decision made on exactly how to progress with this. The debate was based around the following – The OUP have a contract with RCS, whereby the OUP would write a text. RCS could “endorse them”, in the sense of saying that the text maps to the curriculum, or if they so wished, endorse them further. If endorsed then the links to those would be on the ISCP. The suggestion was an annual subscription of £36 PER BOOK.

The closing statements of the debate were;

  1. OUP to do the mapping to curriculum was suggested

  2. Agree to place links to content but not endorse. NO royalties

  3. Need more info. Need to see the text.

  4. To be discussed in March 2016.

Curriculum and Assessment

New SDOPS on casting. Next major revision coming 2017.

There is a clear drive to update quality of assessment from AOMC/GMC; how feedback and reflection could be improved in formative WBAs. Questions being raised are, for example, “Can any one single WBA be SUMMATIVE?” The concern is exactly how much this drive aligns with a competency based training system – we shall have to await more information.