ISCP Management and ISCP Data – 22/09/2015

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows


Beta release was aimed for early October. At time of writing this report, v10 is still not up and running as it was discovered that certain aspects of functionality did not work on non-college computers.

Once it goes live, BOTA has committed to promoting its usage and raising awareness of the new system



New critical condition coming – Necrotising fasciitis. Important to remember that you don’t necessarily need to “see” a patient with it, but this has been identified as another uncommon condition that trainees need to demonstrate awareness and knowledge of, within ISCP.

The trauma CEX is coming; trainees will be expected to have these in their record of training.

The GOSLE (Generic Operative Supervised Learning Event) is a robust tool but still requires further piloting before it can be made fully live

The JCST and ISCP acknowledged that they were aware of BOTA’s position statements on credentialing and will review them in due course.