ISCP Management and ISCP Data

The Vice President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and discussed the hot topics of the new ISCP v10 and WBAs.


It is hoped this will launch in late 2nd summer of 2015, however, BOTA was reassured that if it wasn’t fully functional and ready for launch it would be held back. There is a clear desire to launch a relatively bug free and polished product. Once we know more – we will spread the word.


At the moment there is a suggestion that to record evidence of teaching or audit within the portfolio, it will want an assessment, such as an Observation of Teaching (OOT). I suggested this wasn’t fit for purpose as, for example, if one teaches a large group of med students, there might not be someone present to fill the assessment. It was therefore suggested that that sort of thing can be recorded in the “Other” section. It was still felt this needed to be ironed out and so ISCP will report back


There will be some changes to MSF and PBAs. The biggest change will be that MSFs will require you to have 12 raters, with a minimum of one consultant, one nurse etc. The other large change to MSF will be that your AES, when you meet with them to sign the MSF off, will have new powers to say “this comment is cause for concern” or “ I don’t think you asked enough nurses” and can then record that they have requested you seek out an appropriate number of those health professionals. So an example might be that one clinic nurse says you are wonderful and another disagrees. Your AES could therefore request you find one more clinic nurse to give you an MSF.

With PBAs, it is mostly a re-formatting, whereby some of the competency domains have been combined to reduced tick boxes.