Intercollegiate Board of Surgical Examinations: Quality Assurance Meeting – 13th April 2018

IQA Meeting – Glasgow, UK

Friday 13th April 2018

I had the opportunity to represent BOTA at the Intercollegiate Board of Surgical Examinations Internal Quality Assurance Meeting held at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, Scotland.

It was an interesting meeting that raised some very important issues for trainees which I will summarise below:

  1. The suggestion that MRCS results for candidates should be shared with training programme directors has been rejected by the committee. It was felt the Colleges have a responsibility first and foremost with candidates.

  2. The candidate feedback document has been updated and will be reviewed at the next BOTA meeting as to whether any further suggestions can be made

  3. MRCS Part A – there are plans to move towards computer based testing using Pearson Vue centres in line with other Colleges. This is still in the tendering phase and all exams currently will still be in paper format. Currently there is no change to the fee of the examination.

  4. MRCS Part B – there are still ongoing discussions regarding optimising consistency of stations particularly with regards to anatomy. There is recognition of the variability with regards to how these stations are i.e. pictures vs. cadaveric prosections vs. plastinated models. There was a general consensus that 3D printing should be applied for producing anatomical specimens. Note, it is currently unconfirmed if this will change the fee of the examination. BOTA, in line with our ASIT colleges will monitor these developments closely.

  5. The number of stations in the part B OSCE will stay the same at present.

  6. A research post will be available in the coming months to continue ongoing work started by the committee and any updates with regards to this post will be made available as we receive them.

The next ICBSE meeting will be held in Dublin in July 2018